A fantastic address

The Clubco coworking centre is situated in the very heart of Brno in the Vlněna business park. Thanks to the city’s geographic location, you’re only an hour and a half from Bratislava, two hours from Vienna, and two and half hours from Prague. By car or train.

Getting to Clubco doesn’t mean travelling to the ends of the earth. It’s located in the middle of one of the best public transit networks in the country. The main bus and train stations are within eyeshot, a mere 10 minutes away on foot.

What else do we have for you at the park?

An amazing community

All around you, there are offices of some of the top international companies as well as entrepreneurs aiming for that status. The Vlněna business park is home to Avast, Zebra, Infosys, and Oracle, and you get to meet their employees every day.

A place to unwind

In addition to our own café at Clubco, there’s the patisserie Yummy Lammy, the vegan bistro Forky’s, the restaurant Grand Kitchen Vlněna, the Mexican restaurant Los Capolitos, the café Rebelbean. On warmer days, you can choose from a variety of food trucks. Grab lunch or plan a meeting at Clubco or sit down with your visitor in one of the outdoor seating areas. Vlněna is no concrete greenhouse – we’ve also provided places for you to sit back and relax a little. We’ve even got a basketball court, and there are some 170 trees and plenty of other greenery on the campus to help you feel good any time of year.

Parking and bike share

We’re not interested only in simplifying your work but also your commute to and from it. We have our own parking places on campus, which are fitted with chargers for electric vehicles, because we know times are changing. But you can ride your bike to Clubco, too, and make use of a bike path that goes right through Vlněna. You also get 15 free minutes on one of the Nextbikes with the CTP logo. You’ll find secure bike parking, showers, and changing rooms right in the building.

Afterwork fun

It could be something small, like stopping by our garden on the way home to pick a zucchini for dinner. The crops grown in the garden are free to everyone. Or throughout the year you might check out various events that we organize at the campus, of which there will be more once the covid measures are lifted. During the summer months, we run an outdoor cinema, and there are occasional wine tastings. The event space at Clubco is ready to host any event you can think of.