So you don’t want to commute to the busy city centre every day, but you’re tired of working from home?

We have built a co-working space with offices in Nupaky, east of Prague, just for you.

Here you will find all the necessary equipment and comfort, the latest technology and designer furniture, while the nearby motorway means that you will be close to everything and that your clients and colleagues will be close to you. The co-working space will be most appreciated by people in Říčany, Průhonice and Uhříněves, as it is located on the busiest Czech motorway just after the exit to Plzeň. It can also be used by members of the other Clubcos around the country, for example whenever they need a place for a meeting or an event linked to Prague.

More detailed specifications

Clubco-ikona celkový prostor

Total co-working

space of 550 sqm

Clubco-ikona High-tech vybavení

High-tech meeting

room facilities

Clubco-ikona 19 kanceláří

10 offices

for 2–6 people

Clubco-ikona samoobslužné kuchyňky

A self-service


Clubco-ikona zasedačky pro 1 – 26 lidí

Meeting rooms

for 4 – 12 people

Clubco-ikona designový interiér

Designer Interiors and

modern office furnishings

Clubco-ikona flexibilní smlouvy

Flexible contracts and

different types of membership

clubco-ikona možnost parkování




Clubco is not bound with formalities or tightly knotted ties. That’s why we have different types of offices and locations to choose from. Check out the complete overview and price list, including accompanying services.


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