The most modern co-working space in the heart of Brno.

In the historical Vlněna area, where Brno’s entrepreneurial spirit once grew and continues to develop. Today, it is home to an excellent community of both small and large companies and a space to meet for coffee, with the main train and bus station just a few steps away.

The Vlněna business park has everything you need to work in the 21st century: It accommodates users of all modes transport and provides parking, chargers for electric cars and stations for shared bikes and scooters. There’s a fitness centre, the bike sheds include changing rooms and showers, and the facility is green year-round, inviting you to relax and meet visitors.

You can arrange lunch or a meeting at one of the many local establishments—a café, a vegan food truck or a Mexican or modern Czech restaurant. The Clubco café by Rebelbean, with all types of selected coffee products, is available directly in the co-working space. They also serve soft drinks as well as beer for moments of celebration, and there is always something to snack on when you need to recharge your batteries quickly.

More detailed specifications

Clubco-ikona celkový prostor

Total co-working space

of up to 4,000 sqm

Clubco-ikona High-tech vybavení

High-tech meeting

room facilities

Clubco-ikona 19 kanceláří

70 offices

for 1-16 people

Clubco-ikona samoobslužné kuchyňky

Self-service kitchenettes

and a bar with premium coffee

Clubco-ikona zasedačky pro 1 – 26 lidí

Meeting rooms

for 1–26 people

Clubco-ikona designový interiér

Designer interiors

and modern office furnishings

Clubco-ikona flexibilní smlouvy

Flexible contracts and different

types of membership

clubco-ikona možnost parkování

Possibility of parking for members



Clubco is not bound with formalities or tightly knotted ties. That’s why we have different types of offices and locations to choose from. Check out the complete overview and price list, including accompanying services.


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